5 Strategic Ways to get your first content writing job


This article will show you how to land a content writing job as a fresher. In this article, we have tried to cover every possible aspect of the job search for a content writer.

The methods explained in this article are experiences from what I’ve learned by applying for various content writing jobs.

I also asked other content writers about their experience to make this article as informative as possible.

So if you are looking for a job search guide for content writers then you’re in the right place. Let’s get started. 

Do this before you apply for any content writing job.

Asking these questions will help you make a wise decision, save you a lot of time and prevent you from joining a bad job.

  1. Which Niche do you want to work for? – Technical, Academic, Fashion, etc.
  2. Decide the amount below which you won’t accept the offer. In interviews, people call it the current and expected CTC.
  3. Job location – In your hometown, the city of your choice, or remote.
  4. Do you have the experience the employer expects?
  5. Do you possess the skills mentioned in the Job description?
  6. What’s your notice period? – Can you join immediately or after a specific period.
  7. What are your expectations from the employer? – Total office time, number of holidays in a week, how many leaves you can take, etc.

Until you find a suitable job, the job search is your business.

Word of caution: Please, apply for a job only if you have ample writing experience or a modest portfolio of published articles. Otherwise, you won’t get selected for a better job, or you’ll be hired for a meager income job. 


90% of the professional content writers agree that experience is more important than a certificate in Content writing. So, try to gain as much practical knowledge as possible in the beginning.

You might be wondering now that if you don’t work in a job, how will you gain experience? Don’t worry, this article explains nine quick ways to gain content writing experience and build your portfolio.

So now, when you’re ready to hunt your first content writing job with all the tools and information, let’s start.

1. Use the power of Job posting websites like Naukri.com.

A job posting website can help you in two ways. It allows you to find and apply for countless jobs, and if you have a perfect profile, then recruiters also approach you through calls or emails.

These are some famous job portals to find decent content writing jobs in India. 

Remember, it’s unnecessary to make your profile on all the job portals. Do it only when you don’t find better opportunities on Naukri or MonsterIndia.

All of these websites have almost similar information that you have to fill. Here’s the typical process.

  1. Go to the job portal and register using your email or sign up with Google.
  2. Fill all the necessary details and double-check later.
  3. Search for content writing jobs and apply for the ones that meet your expectations.

Tips to make your job profile stand out

Tip 1: Make your profile picture and headline professional.

Headshot and headline of Harshit Khandelwal

Don’t add a selfie or a full-body image. A simple headshot with a smile and a plain background will do the job.

Do these two things to make your headline attention-grabbing.

  1. Add the position you want to apply for, like Sr. Content Writer, Technical Writer, etc.
  2. Write about how you help your clients in achieving their business goals. For example, I help Tech companies to create SEO optimized content for their blogs, which attracts more customers to their website. 

Look at this example:

Senior Content Writer – I help Entrepreneurs and Small businesses to curate SEO friendly content for their website.

There is no hard and fast rule. Use your creativity to make it appealing. But don’t overdo it such that your message becomes too complex for people to understand. Try to keep it simple yet attractive. 

Tip 2: Use Keywords in your content fittingly

These web portals are nothing but a search engine that scrapes data from its vast database and presents it to the recruiters. 

So, use keywords that recruiters use while searching for your job type in your content.

Don’t stuff keywords. Instead, write detailed descriptions so that all the essential keywords appear in your content.

Tip 3: Let your Experience section shine

My clients or recruiters never ask me about my degree. What they care most about is my experience. If I can do it for others, I can do it for them as well. 

Add as many relevant job experiences as you have. It’s the section where you have to spend 80 percent of your time.  

This section differentiates you from thousands of other content writers. 

Describing how to fill details in the experience or employment section of job portal
Experience section in Harshit’s profile.

Everyone has put the required information on their profile, so go a step further and pitch your skills. Describe how your content helped other people in their business. 

Let people know every detail about your work with these companies and the result you brought to them.

There’s no need to use business jargon. You can also write about your experience in a story form.

Tip 4: Use this simple formula to write your profile summary

Recruiters don’t have time to read every detail about you. They have thousands of profiles to check. So, make your summary speak everything about you.

Here’s a simple formula designed by Chris Do, making it incredibly easy for you to pitch your skills in a few lines.

  1. Do you know how + “state the problem that your recruiter is facing?”
  2. I solve it by + “write how you solve it.”
  3. I have done it in the past by + “give’em a proof that you’ve got the experience they are looking for.”

Let’s see this formula in action:

Do you know how some solopreneurs and small businesses find it difficult to explain their product’s needs to their customers?

I solve it by creating SEO-friendly content for their blogs, which attracts more traffic to their website.

I have done it in the past by writing content for Infi-league motorsports, College Conexion, and some technical and non-technical startups.

Tip 5: Your resume helps you to get shortlisted.

A recruiting company doesn’t review every profile on job portals. They hire an HR consultancy service to find people who are open to a job switch.

These HRs follow a process to find relevant people. They analyze every profile and send the relevant resumes to the recruiters. 

Recruiters then further analyze your resume and call you for an interview. 

So, don’t interrupt the process by not uploading your resume. What will these HRs share with the recruiters if they don’t have your resume?

To make a good resume, go to Google docs or Canva and use the resume templates to make one for yourself.

Follow these steps to get more job recommendations.

  1. Check out your profile regularly. If these job portals notice any inactivity on your profile, then your organic reach will decrease rapidly.
  2. Reply to relevant emails. These portals also note whether you’re replying to recruiters’ emails or not.
  3. Use unique features given by these portals. Some features give you personalized job recommendations.

For more information, visit this job hunting guide by Naukri.com.

2. Take the benefit of LinkedIn to find Jobs and showcase your skills.

“You don’t find a job on LinkedIn; you find people on LinkedIn. It doesn’t connect people with jobs; it connects the professionals. Though once you connect to the right people, they help you find a job.”

Anshul Agarwal – Senior User Experience Researcher at LinkedIn

LinkedIn is different when compared to other job search platforms like Naukri or Monster India. It’s a platform where a company, recruiter, and job seeker interact virtually.

It’s a complete package for you to find a job and build a portfolio to showcase your skills. LinkedIn creates a notable impact on how people perceive you as a content writer.

Follow these steps to find suitable content writing jobs on LinkedIn.

I’ll recommend you use the desktop version of LinkedIn for the job searching process as it provides better features.

Click on the job option present in your top bar on the desktop.

Type content writer and add your location in the search bar and press search.

You’ll now see a page, as shown here. Read the job descriptions carefully and apply for the ones that meet your needs.

You can also filter jobs to match your specific needs.

Solidify your chances of getting selected in a company.

LinkedIn gives you an option to ‘easy apply,’ but the twist is you’ll only get 250 words to pitch your skills to your clients. So how to make an impact?

Optimize your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters can’t judge you based on your short pitch. They will view your profile to check if you fit their criteria. So use the option Easy apply only if you have a super optimized profile.

Now go a step further and connect with the recruiter by sending them a personalized message. You can send them a message, as shown here.

Hello ‘Person’s Name,’

I hope you are doing well. I came across an opening for a content writer in ‘company name.’ Right now, I’m working as a freelance content writer and looking for a change. I would like to connect and know more about this job.


Harshit Khandelwal 

Talk to them about the position you have applied for and why you want to join their company. These subtle actions show them that you are actually interested in getting the job.

There are hundreds of applicants who apply for a job, so do something that separates you from others. Here’s something more that you can do.

  • Follow the company’s LinkedIn page.
  • Interact with their posts and share something insightful in the comments section.
  • Follow up with the recruiter at the company after a specific period. Ask them if the job is still open.
  • Connect with the mutual connections working at the company to know more about the work culture. Interact with their posts as well.

Note: Do all the steps only if the job you are applying for is from a trustworthy company.

Use these LinkedIn features to get more job recommendations.

Create a job alert for content writing jobs with a specific location

Go to Jobs > Search for a job in your location > Turn on Job alert.

It will alert you whenever there’s a content writing job in your location.

You’ll get a prompt to specify whether you want to receive job notifications daily or weekly. Choose favorable options and click on save.

Create custom Job alerts from the company page.

Go to the company page > Jobs > Create job alert.

It will alert you when there are any job openings in a company of your choice.

Signal your interest to recruiters at companies you’ve created job alerts for

Go to settings > Data Privacy > Job Seeking preferences > Set the option value to yes.

LinkedIn says this feature helps you to share your interest with recruiters who may want to contact members who create job alerts for their company.

Sharing your profile when you click on apply

Go to settings > Data Privacy > Job Seeking preferences > Set the option value to yes.

LinkedIn says this feature increases your chances of being viewed by sharing your full profile with the job poster when you’re taken off LinkedIn to apply.

In simple words, it shares your complete publicly available information to the recruiters on other job posting websites.

I am sure you might be wondering whether LinkedIn is a good platform to find a job. See what a content writer who got a job through LinkedIn has to say.

I completed learning basics with a six-month internship. Then I created a clear yet quirky resume with the help of Canva and replied to a job post on LinkedIn. When asked, I wrote an amazing sample, went for the interview, cleared it, negotiated for salary, and began work.

That’s it. Nothing special 😅

Lakshmi Jaisimha

3. Use Google to find hidden job opportunities.

If you are still not convinced, then ask Google for more jobs. Type content writer jobs, along with your location in the search bar. It has this fantastic feature of listing all the jobs by scraping them from all possible websites and then ranks them based on specific locations.

You’ll get this block in the search result. Now click on the 100+ more jobs option. The result will be as shown here.

Now analyze every job carefully and apply for the one which matches your expectations.

4. Utilize the power of unsung Job posting websites

There are some websites that recruiters use for hiring, but they are not famous. These websites remain hidden because of the other giant job portals.

To find these websites follow the steps that we took in the previous method.

Suppose I found a suitable job on freshersworld.com, so I’ll click on the link and go to their website. I’ll make an account here, why not use it to apply for more suitable jobs.

Just go to the search area and type content writer and location, as shown here.

You’ll be shocked to find so many jobs that you didn’t see earlier, and that’s the reason this method is so effective.

Don’t stop here. Look at this example.

This job is posted on four different portals. Here shine.com, fidanto, and Hiree are lesser-known job portals and thus present you with a better opportunity to get hired.

Repeat the above process for as many websites as you like. Remember, your purpose is not just to get a job, but a suitable job.

5. Niche websites are ready to present you with more opportunities.

If you think that all the job options have been exhausted, I am afraid you might be wrong. We still have a hidden section of content writing jobs. 

These are the websites that have jobs specifically for content writers.

I hope you know by now how you’re going to apply for jobs on these platforms. So, go ahead and apply if you find a fitting job.

Words of wisdom from experienced professionals

I asked experienced content writers to share their best advice on finding content writing jobs. Here’s what they have to say.

Be clear with what niche you want to go in, in case you are open to exploring, and still have a negative list of niches you don’t want to work in. 

Do follow up if you don’t hear from the company after submitting an assignment. 

Ask the HR on the first call clearly what they are looking for and get a JD on mail. If what you have and what they need do not match on any level, then discuss straight away, to avoid hearing lame reasons for your rejection.

If you have never worked, start with an internship (a paid one), and save your work links as well, from the start.

Agam Agrawal Freelance Content writer

Don’t wait to get hired as a full-time content writer before you begin writing content. Practically every job I’ve ever held required content creation for something or other, and I chased every one of those opportunities. Doing this will help you develop a portfolio faster than waiting around for just the right option. It will also help you spread the word that you’re a writer looking to write.

Create your opportunities to learn content management systems (start with WordPress), social media posting tools such as HootSuite and Traject Social, and SEO. Content writing demands a far deeper tech stack than being a writer back in 1950! Once you have an excellent working knowledge of such tools, you’ll be a more attractive candidate to potential suitors. 

Steve Tschirhart Content Strategist @ stevet.co Birmingham

Learn the nitty-gritty of the job by observing others. I started a blog on blogger (back in 2015) and applied to a couple of jobs through job portals. I landed the first job as a product description writer by giving a writing test and showcasing my blog. 

Harika Kochhar – Senior Content Writer @ Yourstory Media

Keep building and adding to your portfolio of content samples, not just to impress future employers but for your own value addition. Focus on increasing your knowledge base.

Shiny Atorthy – Content Writer @ IKIO LED Lighting


Content writing has an excellent scope in India. But finding good jobs can be a little daunting if you’re new to the job hunt process. I hope the steps and processes explained in this article will help you land your first content writing job.

If you find this article to be helpful, you can share it with your friends. Maybe it will help them in getting a job as well. Thank you for reading this article so patiently.


Harshit is a content writer at Content Bliss. He has experience of three years in web content writing, blogging, and SEO. He crafts the online content strategy for businesses and helps them to apply it affordably. On this blog, he shares helpful information about content creation.

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