9 Easy Ways to get Content Writing Experience as a Beginner


You can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job. An unending dilemma for a fresher!

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Employers have a formal way of asking content writers about their experience – “Do you have a portfolio of published articles?” 

But how will you show them your portfolio if it’s your first job?

I asked writers what’s more important in content writing, experience, or certificate. This is what they have to say.

Sometimes it seems wrong, but employers can’t do anything because your experience is your degree in content writing.

“A writer without experience is like a doctor without a degree!”

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In this article, we will discuss the nine ways to gain experience and develop your portfolio of published articles.


Don’t rush with things! What works for others might not work for you. Take time in visualizing what’s right for you and then proceed with the writing

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1. Market yourself everywhere.

It is the simplest way to find work. All you have to do is talk to more and more people. Let’s see how it works.

Every day, we meet a lot of people and have a general talk. We ask how you are, what you are doing, etc. 

Just tell then that you are a content writer, and you write content for websites and apps. If anyone in their connection needs any help, then they can contact you.

People ask many questions about content writing because they don’t know much about it. Answer their questions with patience and empathy. 

Present yourself as a problem solver instead of an opportunity seeker, and people will call you when they need you.

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This method works like magic, and you will get offers from totally unexpected places. 

This process is so practical that for two years, this is how I got all my offers.

2. Offer Volunteer writing Services.

Many organizations are working day and night for humanity. Why don’t you help them?

Experience impresses, kindness wins hearts. 

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Volunteering adds two feathers to your cap. It gives you experience plus admiration. 

But how to find volunteering opportunities?

Open google and search for an NGO near me. Find one that resonates with you, call them, and say you are a content writer and want to help them by improving their website content or anything related to writing.

Volunteering is also a working experience, and you can add it to your resume.

Even LinkedIn has a separate section for listing your volunteering experience. It makes you stand out from the crowd.

3. Work for a Startup

Startups in their initial phase cannot afford to hire a professional content writer. Why don’t you give them a helping hand? 

I have been working with startups for three years. The environment is very dynamic, and you’ll learn a lot.

They may ask you to write a business email, brochure, social media post, website content, article, or even a video script. 

They’ll tell you about your mistakes while writing and force you to stretch your limits.

So, how to find the right startups to work? Here are some cool ideas.

  • If you’re a student, check if there’s any startup in your college. Approach them and ask if they need any help related to content creation.
  • If you’re already working for a startup, ask them if anyone in their connection needs any help.
  • Friends, relatives, family members, let them know you are willing to work with a startup for free.

The best part is, you get a big name to brag in your resume if the startup gets successful.

I have experienced working with India’s top-level ATV competition, organized by students, or working with a startup selected as one of Rajasthan’s top 20 young startups.

Maybe now you have understood why this method is so powerful.

4. Start freelance writing

Word of caution, don’t work for pennies, people will exploit you, or if you do it without experience, you may disappoint your clients.

A dissatisfied client never comes back, and if somebody asks him about you, they won’t have an excellent experience to share.

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Start freelancing, only if you have gained enough experience to show your clients, and you’re confident about your writing.

Experienced freelancers earn a decent income in India. Some of them may earn up to 50K – 60K or even 1 Lac rupees per month.

After COVID 19, there has been a surprising increase in content writers’ demand, leading to freelance writing becoming popular in India.

Read this article to know more about how to become a freelance writer in India.

5. Work for yourself, start a blog.

Work for yourself until you find a good opportunity. 

Experienced writers advise newcomers to write about topics that they find amusing. It helps you to develop a unique voice and confidence in your writing.

There are many ways to start a blog. Either you can set up your blog on WordPress, or you can start writing on platforms like QuoraMedium, or LinkedIn. All the platforms have their pros and cons, so study them properly before starting.

When I started my first blog, I didn’t know anything about wordpress, seo, or blogging. As soon as I hopped into this field and created my first blog on wordpress, things changed for me. 

Although my blog failed, I ended up with a lot of skills in addition to writing. 

Skills like seo and wordpress give you an edge over your competitors when it comes to content writing.

Nowadays, it’s vital to learn CMS like WordPress or Joomla when applying for content writing jobs.

6. Apply for entry-level content writing jobs

When you have written a decent amount of content for your blog posts and getting appreciation, that is a good sign that you should move into the real world and test your skills.

The best way to do this is by applying for entry-level jobs. So, how to find jobs that are suitable for beginners?

Know your strengths first

Don’t just go out and start applying for jobs blindly. Some jobs are suitable for you, and some aren’t. 

Before starting your job search try to know yourself better. Ask these questions from yourself.

  • What are some skills that you are good at?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What type of job do you want?
  • How long can you work in a day?
  • What is the position that you are looking for?

Have clarity in your mind before starting your job search. It will help you decide the apt jobs for you, and you have a better chance of getting selected in them.

Let’s start the searching process.

Hey! don’t forget to get a resume before applying for jobs. Click here to get some inspiration.

Here are some fantastic sites to find perfect job opportunities in India.

Make a profile on naukri.com and fill all the necessary details on their portal. Spend at least 3-4 hours writing about every little piece. It separates you from other people who do not have a proper profile.  

Visit this article to learn more about how to apply for content writing jobs in India.

7. Ask your friends if they can help you?


Every social media platform has stories feature these days, and people don’t mind sharing about their friends on their stories because it disappears within a day.

Ask them to share a message on their story like, “My friend is a fresher in content writing if you want any help then you can contact him on this number.”

It is a quick way to spread your word to thousands of people within a day because everyone has a massive following nowadays.

But you can use this method once or twice and not always because people may feel forced at some point and stop responding to your messages.

8. Take up a Paid Internship

If someone is earning money from your efforts, don’t do it for free. Unpaid internships may sound appealing, but they are not.

It’s tough to find genuine internships in India. Please don’t apply for every internship that comes ahead, research about the company first, and learn why they are hiring interns.

Be very skeptical while applying for internships, especially on Internshala.  

Many companies cannot hire professionals, so they hire interns and make them work for pennies. Don’t fall into this trap. These companies will ruin your experience, and you’ll start hating your work. Better, you work for yourself rather than working for these companies.

So here’s a process to find good opportunities through Google. Search “content writing internships,” and Google will list all the internships with a special priority to the ones available in your city. 

Check them one by one and apply for the ones that match your needs and expectations.

9. Offer content makeover to companies.

Small-sized businesses sometimes copy their content from other websites or use low-quality content on their websites. So, there’s a gap that you can fill by helping them.

To find these websites, search for terms like “small businesses near me.” 

Go to each website one by one and check if you can help them to improve their content in some way. 

Drop the website owner an email or call them letting them know about the gap in their content and how you can resolve it. Let them know how lousy content can affect their brand’s image in front of their website visitor.

Be courteous and gentle, don’t tell them straight away that your content is crap, and I want to change it.

You can do it for free, or you can also charge a generous amount for this. It depends on your ability to convince your client. 

Now, I will not tell you how to do it as you are a writer, and you must know how to persuade people from your content.


I hope these methods help you in gaining a lot of experience and you develop a portfolio of published articles.

If there’s anything that I missed then share them here in the comment section below. I will add them to this article.

And, do share it with your friends if you enjoyed reading it. Have a good day!


Harshit is a content writer at Content Bliss. He has experience of three years in web content writing, blogging, and SEO. He crafts the online content strategy for businesses and helps them to apply it affordably. On this blog, he shares helpful information about content creation.

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