Is content writing a good career in India?


Are you looking for a job switch or you are curious to know about content writing as a career? This article will answer all the questions that you have.

Content writing is a new profession in India and it’s obvious to have doubts about it.

When I started working as a freelance content writer, all of my doubts got clear. If I have to answer whether content writing is a good profession in India or not, then this is what I’ll say.

Yes, content writing is a good career in India. If you work smart, acquire new skills, be consistent, gain expertise, and focus on building your personal brand then you can have a flourishing career as a content writer. 


In this article, I am going to answer all the questions that a fresher may have about content writing, so stick to the end.

How much can you earn as a content writer?

This is the first question people ask me when I tell them that I am a content writer. And I know you also have it as well.

Therefore to answer this question, we did a study where we asked this question from professional and fresher content writers about their salary.

We also analyzed the data from websites like Payscale, LinkedIn Salary Explorer,, and Here’s what we found in our research.

Fresher ( 0 – 3 ) Year Exp.Salary Range ₹Average Income ₹
Content Writer11,000 – 42,00024,000
Copywriter15,000 – 59,00029,500
Technical Writer18,000 -83,00040,750
Average income of Indian content writers

Our research says that the average income of a fresher in content writing is 24,000 ₹. Whereas, for copywriters and technical writers it can be 29,500 ₹ and 40,750 ₹. This is just a rough data, you can earn even more.

After COVID 19 pandemic, the demand for skilled content writers has increased, and so the opportunities for you. Let’s see how you can grab a good income as a fresher.

Can you earn a decent income as a fresher?

Yes, you can earn a decent income as a fresher. Here’s how I did it, and you can do it as well.

I started writing in my freshman year of college. I’d write content for my friend’s start-up, senior’s website, and brochures and emails of college events.

After two years of consistent writing and gaining knowledge I even started my own website which failed eventually.

But doing all these things in the initial days gave me an unfair advantage. Unknowingly I had developed an awesome portfolio. Till then, I had never charged even a single penny for my work.

When my first client came to me, I told him that I’ll charge 9000 ₹ for a website content. He agreed because I had got the experience. He thought, if I can do it for others, I can do it for him as well.

So, here’s the key takeaway:

  • Start early. You can start writing in your school or college days.
  • Work for small Start-ups, NGOs, or start your blog.
  • In the initial phase, focus on gaining knowledge and experience, not money.
  • Write as much content as possible and build your portfolio.
  • Get a mentor through LinkedIn. Take guidance on how you can improve.
  • Pick a niche or specialty.

Content writing has no entry barrier because it doesn’t need any degree. So, what differentiates you from others is the writing experience that you have.

Content Bliss

Now, when you know what you have to do to earn a good income, let’s understand the different types of content.

What are the different types of content?

This topic is broad, so to make it simple, I am dividing it into two categories:

  • Informational content
  • Persuasive content

Informational Content

As the name suggests, it includes all forms of content that are descriptive, comprehensive, and informational.

This type of content is written to inform the reader about a product, service, or to answer some specific queries that a reader may have.

This category includes long-form content.

  • Blog Posts
  • E-books 
  • Whitepapers
  • Articles
  • Reports
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Or any content which is written to inform a reader.

Persuasive Content

This type of content is written to persuade readers to buy a product or service. It’s short, crisp, creative, and influential. This type of writer is known as a copywriter.

Persuasive content demands a lot of customer research, both online and offline. Here, knowing your customer’s needs is more important than knowing everything about your product or service.

Maybe this is the reason experienced copywriters are generally paid more when compared to other forms of content writers.

The short form or persuasive content includes the following content forms:

  • Sales Page
  • Landing page
  • E-mail
  • Social Media Post
  • Brochure
  • Banner
  • Or anything that involves persuasion.

No form of content is superior to others. Every content has its importance, and it’s up to you to decide which one works best for you. 

Now you might be wondering where will you learn to write content? And do you need expensive courses to learn to write content?

Do you need expensive courses to become a content writer? 

No, you don’t need expensive courses to learn content writing. Many online courses claim to teach you to write content in a month, but it’s not possible guys. It takes time and experience to learn content writing. 

For some people, it may take over a month to learn the basics, for some it may take over a year. This is the age of the internet and learning never stops.

No course can teach you everything about content writing. The more you write the better you become.

I am not saying that online courses are useless. I am saying that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to learn content writing because there’s a lot of free content online.

Visit this article to learn more about free courses on Content writing.

No matter how many courses you do if you don’t apply then you won’t learn anything. 

“A skilled content writer is a consistent practitioner.”

Content Bliss

Is there any career growth in Content Writing?

Yes, there is good career growth in content writing. If you are proficient in one language, learn fast, implement faster, and acquire expertise in one niche or form of writing, then you can achieve a successful career in content writing.

Whenever I look at content writers with good income and reputable careers then I find some common characteristics.

Category 1: Experts in a Niche

They are really good in a particular niche. For instance, there are writers who have expertise in technical topics like cryptocurrency, or there are writers with good knowledge of personal finance. 

Only experts can write about these topics and that’s the reason they are paid well. These writers generally write informational content.

Category 2: Experts in a Skill

They are experts in one style of writing. For instance, some writers are good at copywriting. These types of writers prefer to write persuasive content and are very creative.

There is a third category of reputed content writers who work on creating their brand. But to belong to this category you need to be from one of the above two categories. 

Category 3: People who have a Personal Brand

It’s because when people know you and recognize you as an expert then this makes it easier for you to get a job or well-paying clients as a freelancer. 

Today the world is different and your clients or employer judge you based on your online presence, particularly LinkedIn. So, if you don’t have an account on LinkedIn yet, go grab an account and start engaging with the content writer’s community on LinkedIn you’ll thank me later.

“If a content writing career is a cricket then the brand is Virat Kohli, you know why he gets paid more.” 

Content Bliss

In our research, we have found that some expert content writers earn more than 75K INR per month, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Possibilities are endless and so the growth is. 


I hope this article solves all your doubts about content writing as a career. If you still have more questions then add them here in the comments section we will answer them all.

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Harshit is a content writer at Content Bliss. He has experience of three years in web content writing, blogging, and SEO. He crafts the online content strategy for businesses and helps them to apply it affordably. On this blog, he shares helpful information about content creation.

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