What’s the Scope of Content Writing in India?


How much can you earn as a Content Writer?

First things first, salary is an important concern when it comes to the scope of content writing. 

To answer this question, we did a study where we found that a fresher content writer earns an average of 24,000 Rs per month in India. The salary range may vary from 11,000 Rs to 42,000 Rs per month.

The senior content writers in managing roles earn 47,000 Rs per month in India, where the salary range may vary from 25,000 Rs to 74,000 Rs per month. It means that the income of a content writer increases with experience.

Even freelance content writers with modest experience earn a good income in India. Here’s what an experienced freelance content writer has to say.

Freelancers earn anything between 10 K to 1 Lac to 2 Lac, it actually depends on a lot of factors, it’s really difficult for me to give you a single figure to answer this question. It all depends on your skills and the clients that you work with, and also your ability as a writer.

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How much competition is there in Content writing?

I have two answers to this question. Let’s see which one convinces you more.

Why is content writing so competitive?

Content writing is very competitive because there’s no entry barrier. You don’t need any degree to call yourself a content writer in India. Anyone with decent writing skills can call himself a content writer.

Freelance writing is getting popular as an easier way to earn money. Eventually, it attracts more youngsters who are ready to work at a lesser price.

There are five or ten times more content writers than total jobs in India.

So, yes, competition is high. Sounds convincing.

Well no, let me tell you why.

Why is competition actually not high in Content writing?

Here are some cool statistics that you might be familiar with.

More than 1.5 million students give exams to get into an IIT college every year. More than 3 million people in India prepare for the SSC exam every year. There’s CA, MBA, MBBS, and whatnot.

I am sure you must have faced a similar situation in life. You know how hard we work for years, we forget everything and focus on just one goal day and night. Even then, you know how many of us get the actual selection.

Nothing is easy in this world. You have faced it, I have faced it. 

There’s no guarantee that you will achieve success in all of the above careers even after working hard. But in content writing, you have this guarantee.

Not many people are ready to give their heart and soul to writing. You give it, and you’ll shine.

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What’s the Eligibility Criteria to become a content writer?

There are no strict eligibility criteria for content writers other than writing content in one language. It does not require any degree as no degree covers all aspects of content writing. 

For example, if someone needs a writer for technical content, then a person having a degree in English cannot write it. For this, they need people who are sound in technical knowledge.

The eligibility criteria vary from one field to another, so here we are covering essential criteria.

  1. The person should have good writing and editing skills.
  2. They should have Experience & Portfolio: Every employer asks you for a portfolio of published articles.
  3. Age: As long as you can write good content and have a good portfolio, age doesn’t matter.
  4.  A few companies ask for a degree in Communications, Marketing, English, Journalism, or related field. But, in most cases, it’s not necessary.
  5. Software: Google docs, Microsoft office, and at most WordPress.

What are the types of Content Writers?

On a broad level, we can classify content writers as informational writers and copywriters

The term content writer is commonly used for an informational type of writer. But in the initial phase, it’s best to gain basic knowledge about both.

Both types of writers require different knowledge and skill set. Let’s try to understand them one-by-one.

Informational Writer

As the name suggests, he writes content to provide helpful information to the target audience. We can further classify informational writers as general writers and experts.

General Writer 

A general writer is not required to have expertise in any specific field. They write content for every niche. 

The writers who work in digital marketing agencies or freelancers write content for a variety of topics. Therefore we can call them general writers.

The following are some types of general writers.

Blog or Article Writer | SEO content writer | Ghostwriter

In simple terms, whenever you type any query on Google, the result is a blog or an article. We write blogs and articles to answer the questions of a searcher. They can either be the personal opinions of people or some facts and data based on research.

These writers must have a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so we can also call them SEO content writers.

A Ghostwriter is a content writer who writes content on behalf of some other person. A ghostwriter does not get credit for his work.

News Writer | Press Release Writer

A news writer writes content for newspapers or news websites. There is not a big difference between blog writers and news writers other than their purpose of writing.

Press release writers cover news topics related to a business, event, etc. The purpose is to write content on a newsworthy topic and send it to the editors or journalists to publish an article in a newspaper or a news website.

Specialist Writers

Specialist writers write content about topics that are too complex, technical, or require a high level of research and knowledge. Only the writers working in a specific niche for a long time can write about these topics.

These are some types of writers who write content for a specific niche.

  • Business Writer – Writes content for business proposals, plans, 
  • Long-Form Content Writers – Ebooks, whitepapers, Research Papers.
  • Technical Writer – He writes technical content like technical guides to help people understand the technical stuff more easily.
  • Academic Writer – They are also called a scholar writer. An academic writer writes content for academic work, like research, theories, etc. 
  • Medical Writer – He writes content for medical purposes, like clinical documents, drugs, medical devices, and healthcare professionals’ content.
  • Journal Writer


copywriter writes to persuade the audience to take some action, like buying a product or service, signing up for an email list, etc. 

All the ads you see, newsletters that you read, and landing pages on a website you visit are all written by a copywriter.

These are some classifications of copywriters based on the type of work that they do.

  • Website content writer
  • Ad and Sales writer
  • Social Media writer
  • Sales page or Landing page writer
  • Email/Newsletter writer

Initially, there no distinction as sometimes, a copywriter writes content for blogs, or a technical writer writes academic content.

Distinction starts when the content gets specific to a profession as a medical writer cannot write content for a social media ad or vice-versa.

From where will you learn content writing?

I have talked to many experienced content writers, and they say one thing in unison, just start writing.

This is how they learned it, and this is how I learned it as well. I started writing in my freshman year of college, and gradually with consistency, things improved for me.

In the beginning, we do make mistakes, but we can’t learn without making mistakes.

These are some resources that might help you a lot in getting started.


Content writing has an excellent scope in India. Competition is less, and there’s no entry barrier. There’s an ample amount of learning opportunity, and you can start earning early in your career. All you need is just the passion for writing and consistency.


Harshit is a content writer at Content Bliss. He has experience of three years in web content writing, blogging, and SEO. He crafts the online content strategy for businesses and helps them to apply it affordably. On this blog, he shares helpful information about content creation.

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